CMDB Benchmark Report Design, Modern Guidebook

Objective and Goal:

Our long-term client approached me with a new project called the CMDB Benchmark 2024 Report. Their company specializes in IT consulting and is known for their expertise in the field. The vision for this project was to position their brand as a leader in ServiceNow ITOM & AIOPS and to establish themselves as ITOM & AIOPS Specialists. Their R&D department had completed the research, and they wanted to create a masterpiece report. With our extensive experience, we were excited to take on this project and design a report like no other.



We began by outlining the project and started with the first steps, which involved creating graphics and tables for the new report. We aimed for a modern and innovative design while maintaining the consistency of previous reports we had done for them. After creating all the graphics, tables, and charts, we imported the content provided in Word documents. Although this step can be time-consuming, our expertise made it manageable. Next, we selected images, formatted the content, and combined it with the graphics.

One of the biggest challenges was the timing. The holiday season (Christmas and New Year) was approaching, and the report content wasn’t fully defined. As a result, we had to make design changes alongside content adjustments.



The result was a 30-page masterpiece showcasing the effort and creativity invested in its creation. Everything was custom-made for this client, featuring a modern design with beautiful gradients representing the diversity and volume of data. Within the first seven days of posting it on LinkedIn, the client received over 200 downloads, an impressive result for their services and audience.

I also traveled to Amsterdam specifically for this report, spending great time collaborating with the client and their team. They handled the strategy and content, while I focused on the design. This project exemplified our smooth and stress-free process, highlighting our ability to deliver exceptional results under tight deadlines.


Designing a Cutting-Edge ServiceNow CMDB Benchmark Report

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