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November 17, 2017

Ecovision Logo

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We collaborated with Ecovision to design a logo that aligned with their eco-friendly brand identity. This project was a contest project on 99 designs, and while our design made it to the final round, it did not ultimately win. However, the client had difficulty choosing between our design and the winning one for a long time. Our team utilized Adobe Illustrator to create a modern and minimalistic design that perfectly represented their values. The project took 10 days to complete.

Our team created a modern and minimalistic logo design that incorporated eco-friendly elements. We incorporated simple yet effective design elements to ensure the logo was easily recognizable and memorable. The design reflected Ecovision’s eco-friendly values and helped them stand out in their industry. Although our design did not win the contest, the client had a difficult time choosing between our design and the winning one for a long time.


Design a modern and minimalistic logo for Ecovision that reflects their eco-friendly values

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