Graphic Design
January 2, 2023

Einar&Partners in 2022 Infographic Design

For this project, we collaborated closely with Einar & Partners to gather and analyze data on their accomplishments throughout the year. Our team then translated this information into a clear and concise visual narrative, using custom illustrations and typography to emphasize key points and highlight the company’s strengths. We paid special attention to creating a design that was both informative and visually engaging, with a focus on making the data easy to understand and memorable for viewers.

Our team utilized a Modern, Minimal, Clean design aesthetic to ensure that the data was presented in a clear and concise manner, with an emphasis on typography and custom illustrations to help viewers understand the information presented.


Design a one-page infographic-style representation of Einar & Partners' 2022 accomplishments, presented in numerical form.

  • Strategy

    Data Visualization Design

  • Design

    Infographic Design

  • Client

    Einar & Partners

  • Tags

    Data, Infographic, Report

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