Advertising and Marketing
June 3, 2019

Featured Image – Thumbnail Design

During a dynamic 6-month collaboration with No to the Quo, a prominent digital marketing agency, our team at Bosnit had the privilege of designing a diverse range of featured images, infographics, and illustrations tailored to their clients’ unique brand styleguides.

Our versatility shone as we adeptly navigated and embraced multiple brand identities, ensuring each graphic we produced seamlessly aligned with the distinct styles and themes of various client projects. Utilizing Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop, we consistently delivered visually captivating designs that not only met but exceeded the expectations of both No to the Quo and their valued clients.

Our ability to seamlessly adapt to and enhance various brand styleguides is a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional design solutions that resonate with diverse audiences. We understand the importance of maintaining brand consistency while creatively exploring different avenues to boost visual appeal.


Design multiple featured images, infographics, and illustrations for multiple blogs

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